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Responsive Bitcoin And Crypto Currency WordPress Theme

Responsive Bitcoin and Crypto Currency WordPress Theme

Responsive Bitcoin and Crypto Currency WordPress Theme are Comes with Contact Form, Call to Action, Customize easily, Different fonts option available within the Theme, Portfolio Option, Social Media Sharing Feature. Crypto Responsive WordPress Theme is an ideal theme for any digital currency or crypto business website. It also gives you Two types of charts like Light charts and Dark charts.

The crypto website provides a scrolling bar for different bitcoin market updates.

Bitcoin and Crypto Currency WordPress Theme



Testimonial (Custom Plugin)

Responsive Crypto WordPress Themes provides Custom Plugin. This will help you to display easily attractive and eye-catching Unlimited testimonials, client reviews, or codes in multiple ways anywhere.

Team (Custom Plugin)

Business Crypto WordPress Theme comes with Team Section. This plugin adds a “Team” section to the admin panel which allows you to showcase your staff/employees/people on your website easily.

Pricing Table

Bitcoin Crypto currency WordPress Theme comes with Pricing Table.

Live Pricing Statistics

Premium Responsive Crypto WordPress Themes comes with Live Pricing Statistics.

Bitcoin Currency Calculator

Premium Responsive Crypto WordPress Theme comes to BitCoin Currency Converter.

Live Feed

Multipurpose Responsive Crypto WordPress Themes comes with a Live Feed.


Crypto Bitcoin and cryptocurrency WordPress Theme Provide Elements and it consists of Buttons, Carousels, Messages & Callouts, Google Maps & Video, Grid, Progress Bars, Counter and Skills, Countdown Timer, Text Banners, Dividers, Revolution Sliders, Images, Accordions, Features Box, Tabs, Subscribe, Fancy Boxes, Text with Icon, Headings, Tabs & Tours, Parallax Backgrounds, Alert Messages, Form, Typography, Text Slider, Information Banners, Image Gallery, Icon, Accordions & Toggles, Bars & Pie Charts, Video/Sound, Call To Action, Process, Rotate Box.


Crypto WordPress Theme Is comes with a newsletter so you can easily share your email address with us.


Extra Pages

Crypto bitcoin and Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme Provides Extra Pages and it consists of Contact Us, Contact with Map, Contact with Image, News, Testimonials, Testimonial Carousel, Clients, Pricing, Maintenance, Underconstruction, and Page Not Found 404.


Crypto bitcoin WordPress theme Comes with Light Charts, Dark Charts.



Crypto WordPress Theme Provides 2 Columns, 3 Columns, 4 Columns, Full Width.


Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme Masonry and consists of 2 Columns, 3 Columns, 4 Columns, and Full Width Masonry.


Cryptocurrency Bitcoin WordPress Theme Provides Default and it consists of Right Sidebar and Left Sidebar.


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